Please visit Geographies of Street Art, the first project of The Institute for Art and Environment.

The Institute for Art & Environment

The Institute for Art and Environment (I-AE) is a think-tank based in Montréal, Canada. The I-AE is an organisation focusing on the role of art in environmental discourse. While more and more artists are becoming engaged in issues of environment and sustainability, their work and contributions are only very slowly being recognised in the environmental sector. The I-AE hopes to help bridge the divide between the arts and the more scientific and technical oriented environmental fields.

The I-AE was founded in 2009 by artist and environmentalist Emma Arnold. Emma is a dual Canadian and British citizen who has lived and studied in Canada, Hungary, and Sweden. Her background is in environmental geography, environmental impact assessment, and environmental policy. She has previously worked as a policy analyst developing environmental legislation and regulation for the Canadian government, as a design consultant for the design agency SNÖGRAFX, and as a freelance illustrator. Please consult Emma's curriculum vitae for additional information.

One day the I-AE will have some walls and a roof and perhaps a café and a gallery. Until then, it remains a virtual entity serving to provide expertise and contribute to the evolving body of knowledge on the role of arts and culture in sustainability. Please feel free to be in touch.